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Photo by: Claudia Cuesta

Dimensions: 8ft H X 14ft L X 1.5in D
Medium: Fused glass, stainless steel, water, and lights
Commissioned by: The City of Richmond Canada and Rize Development
Location: 7080 No 3 Rd Richmond
Installed: 2009

Located at the entrance to Centro residential tower. “Fields” is a metaphor for agricultural fields in Richmond, British Columbia.

The large-scale fused glass panels sitting on a reflecting pool represent the former agricultural fields and the perimeter drainage ditches of Richmond, which always flowed with water.

“Fields” creates a moment of pause, of stillness on the busy No.3 Rd. It symbolizes the concept of territory and resonates with the deep cultural roots of identity and homeland.

Claudia Fields
Photo by: Bill Baker

Fields close up with water
Photo by: Claudia Cuesta