artsitecanada Trees & Trail Markers

Trees & Trail Markers

Photo by: Claudia Cuesta

Commissioned by: The Polygon Homes
Location: Wedgewood Development North Vancouver

25 Gates and Trail Markers.

Trees, and Trail markers create a form of visual poetry that expresses the rhythm of the forest in the nearby Inter River park, which is an uncommon delta ecosystem. Trail Markers mark the end of Lilloet-Burrard cattle trail completed in 1877. The trail was built through one of the most roughed sections of BC to bring cattle from the lush green lands of Lillooet to the markets in Vancouver.

Won the Award of Excellence in 2011 for Public Art.

Photo by: Sherman Photography

*00_art.site_trees gate #736 copy 1
Photo by: Sherman Photography

Photo by: Claudia Cuesta