artsitecanada Pick-up Sticks

Pick-up Sticks

Photo by: Claudia Cuesta

Dimensions: 180 foot long painting made approximately 60”H X 30” W panels
Medium: Fused tempered art glass
Commissioned by: Pinnacle International
Location: 10th and Maple Vancouver
Work in progress to be installed April 2016

This painting along 10th avenue and Maple Street in Kitsilano, wraps around a new daycare.

The inspiration for this glass painting is color in motion, music, rhythm, chaos and order, elements that interact to create a child like play, like pick up sticks, which is highly involved in the element of chance. Although you are compelled by the beauty of the spontaneous position of the sticks in relationship to each other your mind dissolves and recreates patterns again and again.

The painting creates a continuum, an interactive experience for children and pedestrians throughout the seasons and different weather conditions.

Photo by: Claudia Cuesta

Photo by: Claudia Cuesta